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2018 Schedule

Monday Nights:

5:30-6:15pm Beginner for ages 5-7 (45 min)

6:15-7:00pm Beginner for ages 8 & up (45 min)

7:00-8:00pm Adult Beginner *New Class (60 min)


Tuesday Nights:

6:00-7:30pm Performance Class* (60/90min)

*Performance Class is 60 min for younger dancers, and 90 min for older dancers

7:30-9:00pm Prizewinner/Champ (90 min)


Wednesday Nights:

5:00pm Little Steppers Pre-K Irish Dance (30 min)

5:30-6:15pm Advanced Beginner (45 min)

7:15-8:15pm Adult Adv Beg/Novice (60 min)


Thursday Nights:

5:15-6:15pm Advanced Beginner II (60 min)

6:15-7:15pm Novice I (60 min)

7:15-8:45pm Novice II (90 min)


Beginner: 45 minute class
Dancers learn the basic moves of Irish dance in a fun, and exciting way.  This introductory course will feature both traditional soft shoe steps and choreographed performance routines. Dancers will learn proper technique and posture while developing their coordination, rhythm and timing.

Advanced Beginner/Novice I: 45 minute or 1 hour class 
 This course is for dancers who have mastered the beginner steps, and are beginning to work on more intricate steps. This course will include both soft shoe and hard shoe dancing. 

Novice II/Prizewinner/Champ: 90 minute class
These classes are designed for dancers that have mastered the essential elements of Irish dance, and are prepared to regularly work on their technique. Dancers in these classes are expected to practice on their own outside of class so that class time can be used efficiently. Drills and strengthening exercises will be incorporated into the class. Soft shoes and hard shoes will be used.  

Little Steppers: (Ages 3-Young 5s): 30 minute class 
This one-of-a-kind program is specially designed for preschool age children. Classes include basic Irish dance moves, singing and games, and the dancers will even learn to count in Irish. Benefits include the development of coordination, balance, musicality and listening skills. Irish soft shoes are not required for this class. Black ballet slippers may be worn by girls, and black split-soled jazz shoes may be worn by boys. 

Performance Class: 60 or 90 minute class
This class is open to dancers of all ages that have at least 1 year of experience in Irish dance. Dancers will work on intricate choreography set to Irish music. The performance class will perform shows throughout the greater Lansing area, and may also compete in team dances at feiseanna (Irish dance competitions). Being a member of our performance team requires dedication, hard work, and a commitment to the entire team. The first hour of practice is for the entire team, and the last half hour is only for our older dancers. 

Adult Beginner: 1 hour class
No prior dance experience necessary! This class is perfect for adults and older teens who are interested in Irish dance. The class covers the basic moves and proper technique of Irish dance. Once dancers are proficient in soft shoe steps, hard shoes may be introduced to this course per teacher discretion. 

Strength and Flexibility:
This class would be beneficial for anyone wanting to improve flexibility, mobility, foot strength, turn out and core strength. It is designed to help students focus on areas of their body that need strengthening in order to improve technique for dance and other athletic endeavors. Strengthening these areas can also help to prevent injuries, and will help focus on proper alignment of the body. No dance experience required. 

Irish Penny Whistle: 
Also known as the tin whistle, the Irish penny whistle is a small 6-holed wind instrument that is commonly featured in Irish music. This is a beginner class, where dancers will learn technique while playing traditional Irish tunes.  

Irish Bodhran:
Sometimes called "the heartbeat of Irish music", the bodhran is an Irish frame drum that is held in one hand while the other hand holds a double-headed stick called a beater or tipper. This class will focus on the proper technique of holding the drum, and using the tipper, while practicing rhythms to accompany jigs, slip jigs, hornpipes, and reels. 

Ceili Classes: 
Ceili Dancing is a form of social dancing in Ireland. Dances are performed with the basic moves of Irish dance known as threes and sevens. Traditional dances such as Walls of Limerick, The Bonfire Dance, Waves of Tory, and Haymakers Jig are some examples of ceili dances. In this class, we will be going over some of the more advanced and exciting ceilis that are not usually danced at social Ceili dances, but are instead commonly performed in major Irish dance competitions such as the Four Hand Reel, the Three Tunes, the Gates of Derry and more. Ceili dances are a wonderful way for a dancer to learn new and exciting choreography, learn to work on a team, and to also get in touch with ancient traditions of Irish dance. 

Private Lessons:
Private lessons are available for dancers interested in improving their skills through one-on-one instruction. Contact Meghan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 517-525-6970 to learn more. Private Lessons can be scheduled in the following styles of dance: Irish, Clogging, French-Canadian Step-Dancing, and Ottawa-Valley Step-Dancing. Private lessons are sometimes recommended for students who need extra work to be able to achieve a certain step or skill, or to break down the critical aspects of certain drills and skills. Priority for private lessons is given to those dancers who practice independently and will therefore be able to maximize the productivity of their private lesson time. Time and studio space are limited; partnering with another dancer for a semi-private lesson is encouraged, when appropriate.